About Us

Who are we?

Victoria and Chris (and toddler Javier) welcome groups of friends and family from 2 to 6 people to stay in our home for a week or more of lessons and leisure.
Full board.
Northern English location, close to several airports.

Personal Info

What's Included


Tell us your learning goals!
Seven hours tailored lessons per week (flexible timings).
English practice during meals.


Choose from:
Bedroom 1: Double bed;
Bedroom 2: Double and single beds;
Bedroom 3: Single bed;
Bedding, bath towels and toiletries provided.

What else?

Three freshly made vegetarian meals each day.
Plenty of free time to explore towns and countryside.
Airport transfers.
Help to plan your leisure time.


Please ask us any questions...

Victoria is Spanish and is from Gran Canaria. Benefit from over 13 years of experience of teaching English to Spanish students.
Victoria will tailor the lessons to your needs.
We'll ask you to send details of your learning goals in advance of your visit - it takes time to plan quality lessons :)
Chris is a native English speaker (with almost no Spanish) and so will give you real-life English practice.
Javier is our new bilingual(!) addition to the family. He demands lots of our attention, and entertains us all!
All our conversation will be in English wherever possible, but Victoria is always on hand to deal with any issues in Spanish where necessary.

Our house dates from the 1850s, the early Victorian era, and is conveniently placed for shopping in the city centre (30 minute walk or a bus trip), and Meadowhall (by tram). We are close to the Botanical Gardens (5 minute walk) and Endcliffe Park and Weston Park, and Crookes Valley Park are all 10 minutes walk away. Endcliffe Park gives access to many miles of parkland up the Porter Brook Valley and a 15 mile round walk of Sheffield.
Sheffield is the greenest city in Britain; there are an estimated 2 million trees, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.

The ancient city of York, and modern city of Manchester are 1 hour away by train, and London is just over 2 hours away.
The Peak District offers unlimited walking and sightseeing in quaint old villages. Get there by bus or train, or hire a care to see a wider range of its attractions.

Your meals will be prepared at home everyday with fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible.
Our food is mainly vegetarian, with some fish dishes, and takes influence from around the world, though you'll get some authentic British meals too. Let us know if there are any foods you like to avoid.

There are direct flights from Spain to a number of local airports.
We can collect you (maximum group size 4 people) from Manchester, East Midlands, Doncaster, and Leeds/Bradford, all of which are between 1 and 1 1/2 hours drive from home.
Otherwise we can help you to arrive by train or taxi.